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Jennifer, CRA

Your course really has made a world of difference in how I organize for visits, have everything at my fingertips, etc. Just unable to tell you how wonderful it was taking your course! I thought I was a well-organized monitor, but this has taken me to the next level!! OMG - the time I save!!! Thank you again - I tell many about how much I learned and suggest they take your course - best money I ever spent on my job! :-)

Justice, CRA

If you're a CRA, you know that despite the numerous technologies introduced to make our work easier, we rather end up with numerous things to keep up with. With Dan's systemized approach to managing the monitor's tasks, you do not have to keep ANYTHING in your memory. With nothing to remember, that also means there is nothing to possibly forget. The system practically takes care of everything. I have used Dan's system for just 2 weeks and I can see the significant difference it has made in my daily work life ... I go to bed every night without thinking of what I left unattended to. The system is the ultimate cure to the CRA's stress, and it would have the long term side effect of improving your career. Caution : If you don't see results, blame it on non-compliance, not on efficacy. Yes, as long as you follow, you're going to see the change. I recommend this to any new monitor or a veteran who feels overwhelmed by the demands of the job.

Tee, CRA

This is not just your typical average CRA training, Daniel demystified all my long time worries in managing and monitoring multiple sites and studies. This guy sure knows his “stuff”. I never thought there was a need for me to be trained on improving productivity and increasing efficiency until I saw someone explain how he handles his role like a pro. That moment, his words struck a chord. My decision to take the training was the best I've made in my career for acquiring knowledge for better productivity and polishing my skills of being a CRA. Trust me, you won’t regret a minute of your time or your resources sacrificed for this. The tools were intuitive and you have access to a plethora of videos and reading materials. To the aspiring or “rookie” CRAs out there, this training is all you need. To the experienced, I am confident this guy’s tips and tools will be magic. Thanks Daniel for creating these awesome tools and training. Caveat: Be prepared because you are about to be dazed !!!

Jessica, CRA

You are a genius at having put together this course and all the tools. I already feel better knowing that I can rely on these and be ahead of the curve.

Grace, CRA

I took the CRA coach training with Daniel and it is a phenomenal course!!! The tips and tricks you receive to be more organized and efficient as a CRA is well worth the price and the time invested. Daniel has outdone himself by developing what I would like to call "a life and time saver" approach to this role. If you've ever contemplated taking this course, go ahead and dive in because you won't regret it!!! Thanks Daniel for sharing your knowledge :)

Jennifer, CRA

Thank you Daniel! A great course!! So excited to use these tools!!

Stephanie, CRC

With Daniel’s training I am so excited and confident about interviewing for CRA positions. With nine years of clinical trial research and research management experience, I am well acquainted with all the pieces of the CRA position. I just could not picture how to perform the job in an organized and thorough manner. This training completely demystified not only how to do the job, but to be a very proficient and effective CRA. If you are a coordinator and wanting to move into a CRA position you need this training! It’s cheaper than college and will move your career forward much quicker.

Farbod, CRA

I am very glad that I had the chance to be a part of Daniel’s CRA coaching course. Daniel introduced me to his system, which he uses for being a CRA. This shows how easy, understandable, time-saving and efficient you can work. Thank you very much Daniel, for giving me the chance to learn from you. For those who want to develop and get lots of tips & tricks, I highly recommend this CRA coaching course. The course has positively influenced my daily work routine and I have learned a lot for the future.